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Deep Dive-seeds bought from ILGM.com


Feb 6, 2022

ILGM is short for I Love Growing Marijuana . Their shining deals are on the “buy 10-get 10 free” promotions. The thing there is you end up with 20 seeds all of the same strain. I know folks that get tired of the “same old weed” everyday. I’d love it if they had “4 5’s ‘  and offered 5 seeds each of 4 types mix & match for the same price. That would be friggin awesome if anyone from ILGM sees this..just sayin….

My experience with them:

Mid-season last year I ordered 20 seeds (10+10 deal) of the White Widow autoflowering and 20 Critical Mass photo period seeds. The white widow have been stellar with good indoor yields of 300-400g per plant.  Also very good germination rates with 1 failure so far as I recall. Absolutely no complaints on that product.

The Critical Mass showed some signs of weird genetics like mis-formed leaves and odd growth structure (gangly and male looking) and i was also seeing 50% germination failures with THAT strain in general. There was some emails back & forth to their Customer Service and what looks like a lost/dropped email but they eventually replied & stood by their product . I got full replacement seeds. Hopefully these perform better.


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