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Proceed with caution in regards to Weed-seeds.com…


May 19, 2022

In a previous post about seed suppliers I visited weed-seeds.com and so far , placed 2 orders. The first order was for Feminized photo period seeds of Purple Amnesia, AK-47 and they gifted some Bruce Kalimist as a bonus. This batch had good germination rates–maybe 1 or 2 that were a no-show.

The 2nd order was for auto flowering types. Critical Mass, Amnesia Haze and they threw in some UK Cheese as a bonus. So far I have tried to germinate 8 of those seeds picking some of each strain and only 2 popped tails and NONE broke ground as sproutlings,

I emailed them to bring this to their attention and here is the back & forth:

My 1st email—

In my recent order I’m seeing a lot of germination/sprouting issues. A brief recap as follows:
I received 10 amnesia haze AF, 10 Critical mass AF and you folks threw in 3 bonus seeds of UK Cheese. In trying to germinate them I tried 2 of the UK cheese first. 2 were placed in a moist paper towel in a tupperware like container. The water is reverse osmosis purified. 1 seed popped a tail but I planted both as some are slow growers. Nothing broke soil. I then took 2 of the amnesia. Neither popped a tail. Then 2 of the critical mass. 1 popped but neither broke soil to sprout. I currently have another 2 of the amnesia in the wet paper towel and going on 48 hours and no tails. So , out of an order of 23 seeds 8 have been tried with nothing to show. I’m an experienced grower and my blogsite can be found at http://tucsonmjgrowblog.x10.bz/wp/. My previous order of AK47, Purple Amnesia and the free Bruce Kalimist seeds were fine–so far in that batch 1 failure to sprout, which I can live with

Their response:

Laura Smith (Weed Seeds USA)

May 19, 2022, 7:36 MDT

Hi Daniel,

I’m sorry to hear you had an issue with your seeds. Most growers experience 90% or better germination with our seeds.
We sell our seeds at a greatly reduced price compared to other seed banks. We are a discount seed supplier and we do not guarantee our seeds.
We are unable to replace the seeds that did not germinate. However, we can offer you another coupon for a future order. The coupon is ws13off
We have found the most successful way of starting the seeds is to soak them in room temperature distilled water for 14-18 hours, then to place on a moist paper towel and placed in a warm dark area (75-78F) for up to 7 days or until the taproot reaches 1/4 of an inch in length. 

My reply to them is that I would not be using the coupon as I would never be buying from them again. If they sell seeds for $4 each and I order 20 I have spent $80 (plus shipping). If 1/2 the seeds fail to launch the defacto price/cost of those survivors is now $8 a seed. I can buy seeds from ILGM at $6 a seed and they back their product. To carry this to the extreme, what if only ONE seed from them sprouts? $80 a seed is NOT “greatly reduced” as they like to think. If you experience a 25% failure rate you are paying the same price as ILGM with them backing up their failures. The discount coupon they offered in compensation is basically free shipping.
Maybe their photo period seeds are OK but it’s just their auto-flowering ones that have issues–I cannot say. Both eyes open and one hand on your wallet is my advice.

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