• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


Growing Pot where it's Hot


This site was setup to document a group of friends and their adventure in a Tucson Marijuana Grow– growing now legal Marijuana in the state of Arizona.

The group of friends has established a sort of co-op where we buy quantities of different strains of seeds and all split them so we each get a variety. We will be posting as we go helping each other on the journey of growing our own marijuana in Tucson Az.

The passage of Prop207 was a bit of a surprise to many here in our “red state” but it is a welcome change from the stiff felony laws of our draconian past. The money saved from not habituating the dispensary is money well spent elsewhere.

Be on the lookout for

  • Basic tips on setting up a marijuana grow here in Tucson Az.
  • Sourcing marijuana seeds
  • germinating marijuana
  • pruning marijuana
  • suitable soil for growing marijuana,
  • pest control.
  • Indoor grow and outdoor marijuana greenhouses.
  • Harvesting and curing marijuana
  • making oils & edibles from your marijuana
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