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Growing Pot where it's Hot

Alternative to colloidal silver. Use Silver Thiosulfate for quicker flips.

In a previous post we discussed the use of colloidal silver and making our own generator in order to feminize seeds.

We do have an alternative that’s less arts & crafts and not too expensive :

Silver Thiosulfate .

The primary ingredient is Silver Nitrate. As of this writing the cost was $20 for 10 grams ($2/gram). Commonly used in old school photography.

The 2nd chemical is Sodium Thiosulfate . This is also used in old school photo chems as well as dechlorinator for fish ponds.

We will need 3 500ml amber glass bottles.

Digital scale

1 gallon steam distilled water

Small measuring cup (0-50ml)

  1. Take 1 500ml bottle and fill with 400ml distilled water at room temperature. Weigh 2.5g of Sodium Thiosulfate and add to the bottle. Stir to dissolve and top off to 500 ml. Label this “STS part A”
  2. In subdued dim light weigh out 0.5g of the Silver Nitrate. The chemical is light sensitive and normally comes in dark bottles. Add this to the 2nd amber glass bottle with 450ml distilled water. Stir to dissolve and top off to 500ml. Label it “STS part B”
  3. Take the 3rd amber glass bottle and fill it to 400ml with distilled water. measure out 25ml part A add to solution. Same with 25ml part B. Top to 500ml and label it “STS Flip Spray” .this is your refill bottle. Each refill bottle costs you 5ยข in silver nitrate

Get a small misting sprayer that either comes in black or paint it/wrap in tape. Fill it and spot treat newly flowering pistals and flip you some female pollen. It’s said that Silver Thiosulfate flips the plants quicker.

Sodium Thiosulfate crystals

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