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Growing Pot where it's Hot

More on Burner Genetics offerings


Jan 16, 2024

As I use their beans more & more–I am more & more impressed. These little plants are just healthy with good genetics .

My observations so far:

  • decent germination rates (nobody does 100%)
  • Easily manipulated for clone cuttings
  • decent cold hardiness
  • Good yields

I used the complimentary Vacuum Seal 1 beans first for an off-cycle winter grow. Ask any Tucson outdoor grower how the 2023 spring to summer season was and most will say it was a disaster. Between the heat, leafhoppers, budworms and other summer sufferings it was NOT a good year for most. Growing in the winter bypasses all of those normal pests and we just have to deal with the cold.

outdoors in the winter
lots of purple


You can see the various offerings on their website located here .


I harvested 2 of the Vacuum Seal 1 plants and between the 2 I’ll have about a pound of dry smoke

Vacuum Seal 1


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