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Growing Pot where it's Hot

When to start your grow? What comes first?

I would advise to start from the ground up. Get your dirt squared away first be it in pots, raised beds or in-ground. Get all your basic soil & amendments well mixed and have them watered for a bit.

For outdoors, get your locking greenhouse in order with cold weather covering and replacement shade cloth staged & ready for when it gets hot. Don’t wait for it to get hot before ordering it with all the current supply chain issues & such. Make sure you have mitigation for any ground squirrels or other critters that come out in spring. Get ahead of pest control or you will be running an expensive salad bar.

For indoors after your pots of dirt are ready it’s time to setup lights in the grow area. Program your timer and get your seeds on order. If you are using part of your indoor grow to prep outside plants I would advise germinating the seeds in early February for 2 months head start in the grow room then transplant the established plants to the greenhouse outdoors in April. By then any chance of frost should be nearly nil. Plants that are shin-high do a LOT better coming outdoors.

Feb-September is a good 7 month grow season perfect for “photo period” plants that grow in a normal cycle.

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