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Attack of the Clones-cloning marijuana

Sorry–no cheesy Star Wars graphics. To clone marijuana is easy– This is where you can make more plants and use fewer seeds by taking cuttings and getting them to propagate & take root. And it’s not all that complicated or pricey to attempt. Taking cuttings from plants is something people did all the time with philodendrons, creeping charlies, spider plants etc. When I was a kid all the neighborhood moms traded cuttings & grafts of desirable fruit trees. You can do it with marijuana as well.

The clone is a duplicate of it’s donor plant–if its kinda thin & weak then so will be the clones from it. Choose good stock to take snippets from.

Materials needed:

  • Rooting Hormone– I found a 2 oz bottle for under $5
  • Rockwool cubes- these hold the cutting and the nutrient bath- $10 for 30 of them
  • SuperThrive concentrate- weak dilution for the nutrient bath 4oz for $14
  • Sharp scissors & razor blade, eyedropper & small cups

So all said & done you are looking at about $30 to get started in cloning cuttings.

Get a gallon jug and fill with water. I use old milk jugs washed out. Add 0.10ml (3 drops) of the SuperThrive concentrate to the water. Cap & shake the jug, label it. My grandma used that stuff for 20 years before I was born.

Take a rockwool cube and put it in a suitable small cup– recycled condiment  or portion cups work great. Fill the cup with the SuperThrive dilution and let the cube soak it up a bit while you do the rest of the prep.

Take 1/8 of a teaspoon of the Rooting Hormone and place that in a clean, dry shot glass. This should be enough for 3-4 cuttings. Never dip the cutting into the bottle  directly as this can contaminate the rooting hormone.

Go to your donor plant and ID a cutting that gives you enough stem with a couple of growth nodes or “knuckles” above the cut. Make the initial cut straight with sharp scissors. Take off any large lower shade leafs so you got some clean lower stem. Take a razor blade and make a clean 45º angle cut. Dip the fresh cutting in the SuperThrive water to moisten the end . Stick the moist cutting in the rooting hormone powder and then immediately in the wet rockwool cube that’s been soaking.

Place under your lights and wait for the magic to happen. Rooting should take place in 7-10 days. Some folks will put a plastic dome cover over the plant–cut the top off of a plastic water bottle and invert the bottle over the cutting.  Or spray the leaves with an atomizer periodically.

Get a pot prepared that will support the plant with no need to transplant it again so as not to risk further transplant shock. When you put your rooted cutting into the soil you may want to use a support stick. Keep moist and wish it well.

UPDATE: 2/15/22 After 13 Days in the rockwool cube we have roots! Prepare a suitable container to start rooting in soil. I would make the dirt a little heavy on the vermiculite content to assure it stays moist.

Fingers crossed for the little girl

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