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Growing Pot where it's Hot

Sprouting the home grown seeds


Jun 27, 2022

I jumped the gun on testing a few of my seed crop for viability. From what I have read up on, the seeds should be allowed to dry & cure before planting–maybe 2 months to just sit there. From my earlier post I had an intentional male plant that pollinated a few plants. Afghani male crossed with female Critical Mass, AK47, Purple Amnesia and Bruce Kalimist. From the pollination I have 17g of seeds. 8 seeds is 0.1g so 80 seeds to the gram. 80×17=1360 seeds. Needless to say many seeds will be given away.


Right now we can order pot seeds through the mail in the US…but a certain court may have something to say–like this ISN’T a state right anymore. I say be prepared for possible spotty shortages and have some “heirloom” seeds of your own.

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