• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


Growing Pot where it's Hot

Auto Flowering “short cycle” plants for a turnover of quick bud

The female auto flowering plants really are a huge bonus. While the outdoor greenhouse is the seasonal “marathon”, the indoor greenhouse is for “sprint”. I have a constant turnover of the dwarf auto flowering feminized going in the upstairs growroom. 2 Mars Hydro lights do the job there for 6-8 plants. I get a quick crop of small budding plants every 3 months or so.

female auto flower


This little plant really looks like 1 huge bud. Here on the scale it weighs 3.5oz harvest weight.

harvest pot bud

I figure about 2 oz dry weight.


This Chili Pepper roasting cage is perfect to repurpose as a bud drying cage. It was $3 at goodwill.


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