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Growing Pot where it's Hot

Home bred seeds harvest of bud


Oct 17, 2022

These plants sprouted June 27th and in roughly 4 months I got some decent yields. These were grown indoors under Mars Hydro TC1000 lights. Please see my previous posts progress of home grown seeds and sprouting homegrown seeds  for the complete journey. The plant pictured here yielded 286g harvest weight and another 235g. By my math I’ll have about 1/2lb dry weight herb for consumption.

main spearhead

So far I’m seeing good genetics with no weird leaf deformities, gangly plants that look spindly and weak–not with these. Bushy & healthy adolescent plants and overall good producers. With 2 more left to harvest I foresee a pound total from the 4 plants I tested in June

healthy bud

I have 2 more to harvest and a few quick autoflowers started a month or so ago.  Looks like i will be well provisioned through winter while the outdoor greenhouse lies fallow for the winter. I’ll be adding amendment & compost pile digs to that shortly…

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