Why we should grow Cannabis

If you have the space either in the yard or indoor grow the reasons to grow Cannabis are many.

  • The amount you grow offsets what you would normally buy from a dispensary. This helps keep those prices low for the medical users or those not so blessed with the room/ability to grow.
  • You are in complete control of the product. No worries about it being exposed to fentanyl or other “extras” like you might find from street sources. Your Cannabis is unadulterated.
  • Its a great feeling to have a cannabis over abundance  that can be shared with others. Many of my co-workers are still renters with no garden space they can commit to. Giving them a little under an ounce is perfectly legal . You cant sell it without being a licensed dispensary but you CAN give it away. Why sit on stale old smoke aging in a jar? You are not Bezos or Smaug the dragon hoarding more than you need…cmon now.
  • Gardening is a great hobby in general. The skills needed to grow cannabis are applicable to mainstream fruits & veggies.
  • Take the money you were spending purchasing cannabis and just live better. Get that roast at Costco or pay down that credit card etc.

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