Seed self-sufficiency

As most of you have surmised, looking at previous posts, there is no real guarantee on seed outcomes. Some vendors will stand by their product and others will not. I have seen some wild fluctuations in prices too.

Last year I purchased some “regular” seeds . These are not genetically or chemically modified to be female. Crap shoot.  I took 2 and one turned male. I left it in the greenhouse under a cover with a few feminized photo period plants so as to breed “seed stock”. Apparently a few plants got pollinated and I have a few new strains of AK47, Critical Mass, Purple Amnesia mixed with some classic afghani.

From one relatively small bud I have 16 seeds. This would have cost me maybe $85 from a seed seller.  As more states legalize we can likely expect some big fluctuations in seed prices as supply & demand slide around.

Here is the small jar of seeds from my breeding season. 17g and there are 80 seeds to a gram. About 1350 seeds

Homegrown seeds

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